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Cunoștințe solide, tehnologii de actualitate și know-how certificat de clienți. Acestea sunt doar trei dintre atuurile prin intermediul cărora echipa noastră de experți în marketing online înțelege pe deplin modelul tău de business.

Cunoaște echipa


Social Media Manager

5+ years of experience in copywriting and managing various Social Media platforms. The journey of copywriting started in 2016, while working in the corporate environment and led to 3 years of being the internal marketing responsible for multinational companies such as and Capgemini. Gained more copywriting and Social Media experience working as a freelancer in other areas such as beauty, accessories and arts&entertainment.


Senior Community Manager

+4 years experience in Social Media, Customer Care and Hospitality. “I am a dedicated person who belive that learning new things is an important component to success. My first responsibility is to deliver creative content for our customers in order to increase the online presence.”


Managing Director

„+13 years of online marketing and 7 additional years of experience in customer care defined and refined my competences. Besides managing Web Ventures, a top performing online marketing agency within Romania, I enjoy optimizing Facebook Ads campaign that deliver outstanding results for our clients.”


Social Media Coordinator

Social Media Manager with 6+ years experience in the market. I want to deliver fresh content for the brands I am working with and to make customers engage with it. I am passionate about life long learning and curious to discover new products, services, ideas.


PPC Account Executive

Being at the beginning of the road for me, digital marketing is a challenge that I am determined to turn into a passion. I am eager to know, responsible and determined in what I do.


Digital Account Strategist

+4 years of experience in Google Ads & Facebook Ads and a lot of questions. I tried a little of each Online Marketing field, but every time I go back to campaign reports, cost per conversion and the challenge to succeed and bring the best performances with little investment. So here I am!


Head of PPC București

+7 years experience in Google Ads Management Campaigns:„I am good at managing customer relationships, creating and developing online marketing strategies so customers reach their goals through G Ads by Search, Display, Remarketing and YouTube campaigns.”


Operations and Processes Manager

+6 years experience in administrative stuff and customer care made me a calm and organized person. I also find out through my work that small details make a big difference. As is said, one of the greatest gifts you can give to anyone is the gift of attention.”


Senior Digital Creator & UX Specialist

Digital creator with +7 years of experience: „My goal is to deliver persuasive, compelling and emotional content for websites, press releases and articles, aimed at growing businesses and clients alike. I welcome challenges, especially UX/UI ones which prove to be challenging.”


PPC Account Executive

I am a responsible, dynamic person, determined to carry out all that I propose. I like new challenges, so digital marketing is a new instigation for me which I will certainly turn into a passion.


Art Director

I am an enthusiastic creative who loves working with everything in the visual medium. Graphic Designer with +2 years of experience, mostly freelancing, until the awesome team at Web Ventures took me on board.


Associate & Strategic Advisor

+11 years of experience in paid traffic acquisition, direct-response copywriting and lead generation process design. „I love helping companies identify the very next step they need to make to get the best impact on their digital marketing efforts for sustainable business growth.”

Dragoș Cristache

Head of Web Development

+6 years of experience as a Frontend Developer in a company and more than 10 years making the web: „I specialise in WordPress Development and over-optimising websites to get uttermost performance possible. I also do some backend coding, design and video editing.”

George Odae

Digital Account Strategist

Digital marketer with +8 years of experience in Google Ads and Facebook Ads. ”Always focused on creating marketing strategies and delivering results that help businesses achieve their goals, with a creative approach and attention to detail.”

Gigi Cabăț

Growth Manager

+10 years of sales & marketing experience with clients from all industries (FMCG, Horeca, Auto, Retail, e-Commerce, Fashion, Real Estate etc). I am always focused on providing customized solutions that meet client needs.


Digital Account Strategist

Specialised in Facebook Ads, with a habit to explore the most effective marketing strategies, keeping in touch with the upcoming features and changes of the platform. Ultimate goal: fine-tuning campaigns to the highest relevancy for customers and generating valuable results for businesses to thrive.


Digital Account Strategist

With 1.5 years of experience in Performance and another 1.5 years dealing with social media marketing, I tried to dabble as much as I can in various sides of the field. My goal now is perfect my craft, learn from any challenges and discover new sides of the wonderful world of Digital Marketing. 

Miruna Durlă

PPC Account Executive

I am a sociable and hardworking person. Digital marketing is a new beginning for me and it sounds very promising. I like to learn new things and I’m in a continuous development both personally and professionally.

Social Media Manager

+5 years of experience in Social Media, Customer Care, E-Commerce and Woo-Commerce. „I have multi-tasking abilities and I love to maintain professionalism at all times. My job gives me the opportunity to have a positive impact on people’s lives and make a difference every day.”

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